Hunting with my Grandson

I’m always asked what I do when I’m not fishing or through the off-season. In most cases I’m busy with prepping my land for deer season. I enjoy getting out during this time of year and hunting. Whether its in my home state of Oklahoma, in Kansas, or Illinois I really just enjoy every opportunity to get out there. This year was even more special for me and my wife as we prepped the land at home with our grand kids. They are only 5 and 3 but they are showing signs of the passions I had when I was a kid. Being outside and into everything fishing or hunting is something they really enjoy. During Thanksgiving break they were out for about 10 days and we were determined to get Dawson my 5 year old grand son his first deer. After a few early mornings we finally got him one. It was a moment that I have dreamed about and I will never forget. I don’t think he’ll forget it either. He even kissed the side of the bullet that we put into the rifle for good luck. Today was going to be the day! We watched the deer as it passed through the field around the back of our house by a favored oak tree and into a prepped food plot that we both had prepared this fall. We were hunting from a redneck blind in a near by plot about 80 yards away. We had to move from window to window as the deer passed by. I tried to get the bucks attention to no avail he was not paying any attention to me at all. Finally he stopped. Now we had practiced shooting targets with a .22 and b.b. guns for past couple of years and now it was his time to shine. I held most of the weight of the gun as he looked through the scope. When it came down to time to shoot he squeezed the trigger perfectly and the deer jumped just like they do and ran about 8 yards and laid down. He and I were extremely excited. We called Grammy which told mommy and daddy to come see what he had shot. After all the pictures were taken and the real work had set in he was just as excited. We even went to the taxidermist together that night. Next year it will be Dru’s turn and God willing he will get him one too. So when people wonder what I do in my off time this is what I love to do! Spending time with my grand kids is what I look forward to everyday!

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